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For technical reasons the passwords for user identification at the mathematics department are managed at up to 3 sites:

  1. user management of the RRZ (computing centre of the University of Hamburg)
  2. Kerberos Server of the mathematics department
  3. if applicable, Windows-PC

On application (or after signing an employment contract)you will receive a user identification and an initializing password from the RRZ. With this password you can everytime set a new password for your user identification. Therefore ensure so keep the document with the initializing password on a safe place. This initializing password can't be used for all services of the RRZ (e.g. Novell) and should therefore be changed (see Password-Rules).

After receiving your user identification you need to register this with password on the central authorizing server of the department. For this purpose two secured websites of the department are available:

A password change via the above website performs this change in our local user management as well as in the RRZ user management.

For technical reasons, users of Windows 7 computers (without Novell) need to change their password manually via
Start → Systemsteuerung → Benutzerkonten und Jugendschutz → Benutzerkonten → Eigenes Windows-Kennwort ändern

Please note: Password changes for services of the RRZ always take effect the next day (and you can change the password only once per day). At the department password changes will take effect immediately.

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