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Profile for Thunderbird in AFS under Windows


New folder

How to setup a new profile

  • Start → cmd, then enter into command-line:
    start thunderbird -P
  • Click on “Create Profile”
  • “Enter new profile name” (optional)
  • IMPORTANT: Click on “Choose Folder”
    • At the left side of the Explorer-window click on “Computer”
    • click on Drive (H:)
    • At the right side of the Explorer-window click with the right mouse-button into the free area
      From the context-menu choose “New” → “Folder”, enter name of the folder e.g. “Email-archive”
    • Then click on “Choose folder”
  • Click on “Finish”
  • Keep checked “Don't ask at startup”
  • Click on “Start Thunderbird”
  • A new windows for creating an email-account opens

Create new account

How to use an existing profile on another computer

Follow the steps as above, but instead of creating a new folder select the already existing. Thus, as well as already configured Email-accounts and locally saved Emails will be immediately available without any further changes.
(Advantage of the AFS networking file system :-))

  • Lightning (calendar and tasks)
  • Remove Duplicate Messages (for removing duplicate emails)

How to create a new account in Thunderbird

  • Start Thunderbird
  • In the Popup-window that appears click on “Skip this and use my existing email”
  • Into the following window “Mail Account Setup” enter:
    • name: e.g. John Doe
    • Email address, e.g.

      Mail Account Setup

    • Button “Continue”
    • Button “Manual config”
      • For username enter the RRZ-identification (RRZ= University Computing Center).
        Keep all the other configurations:
      • Incoming: IMAP / / 993 / SSL/TLS / Normal password
      • Outgoing: SMTP / / 587 / STARTTLS / Normal password
    • Button “Done”

Profil für Firefox im AFS unter Windows

Neues Profil einrichten

Das Schritte zum Einrichten eines Profils für Firefox entsprechen denen von Thunderbird.

  • Start → cmd, dann in Kommandozeile eingeben:
    start firefox -P
  • Auf “Profil erstellen” klicken
  • Gewünschten Profilnamen eintragen (optional)
  • WICHTIG: “Ordner wählen” anklicken
    • Links im Explorerfenster “Computer” anklicken
    • Auf Laufwerk (H:) klicken
    • Auf der rechten Fensterseite mit der rechten Maustaste in den freien Bereich klicken
      Im Kontextmenü “Neu” → “Ordner”, Name für den Ordner z.B. Webfirefox
    • Abschließend “Ordner auswählen” klicken
  • “Fertigstellen” anklicken
  • Häkchen “Beim Starten nicht nachfragen” gesetzt lassen
  • “Firefox starten” anklicken

Um ein vorhandenes Profil auf einem neuen PC verfügbar zu machen, gehen Sie ebenso vor wie für Thunderbird weiter oben beschrieben.

  • DOM Inspector (shows the structure of a webpage and allows changes for testing reasons)
  • Web Developer (toolbar with lots of util features e.g. validating HTML, CSS)
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