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Operating systems

Zurzeit werden vom IT-Team folgende Betriebssysteme auf Arbeitsplatzrechnern unterstützt: Currently the IT-team offers support for the following operating systems:

Other operating systems need to be installed and maintained by the users themselves. For these other systems no support can be guaranteed.



At the mathematics department the home directories of the users will be installed under AFS as follows:

/afs/<GROUP>/<USERID> (Unix)
\\afs\\users\<GROUP>\<USERID> (Windows)

<GROUP> Research- or Usergroup (e.g. ad, am, az, dd…)
<USERID> identification (e.g. fmrg053) of the RRZ (computing centre of the University of Hamburg)

For accessing your personal homepage please use the link public_html which you can find within your home directory.


For all user identifications rhe RRZ provides home directories on a Novell-Cluster, which can be accessed as 'UHH Disk' via

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